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Thanks for stopping by. You must be really bored to ferret out this tiny little corner of cyberspace. Not much interesting here I'm afraid. But each to his/her own. One day, perhaps, we shall add some content that will may the long journey here worthwhile. Remember the road to a friends house is never long.

So one fun thing to see are maps of aircraft locations - it's amazing all the aircraft in the air any any given time. I have a Raspberry Pi, small hobbyist computer, running as an ADS-B flight tracking receiver using USB Software Defined Radio (SDR). You can read all about it here: You can view the output by clicking a link in the table below. It may take a few seconds for the website to load.

Website LinkArea CoveredDescription
Rob Anderson's Pi-AwareSaint Louis MO area Rob Anderson's Raspberry Pi
John Anderson's Pi-AwareToronto ONT area John Anderson's Raspberry Pi United States areaADSB Exchange Global Radar View

Rob's ADSB Exchange Stats
Rob's FlightAware Stats
Rob's FlightRadar24 Stats

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